Sony’s Return to Handheld Gaming with New ‘Q Lite’ Console

Sony's Return to Handheld Gaming with New 'Q Lite' Console
Image: Sony

Sony, once known for its exceptional handheld gaming consoles, stopped selling them around 2011 after launching the PS Vita, which was its last handheld gaming console. However, recent reports from Insider Gaming suggest that the company is making a comeback into the handheld console segment with a new console code-named ‘Q Lite’.

Author Tom Henderson’s report reveals that Sony plans to release a handheld console that resembles the PS5 controller and features an 8-inch touchscreen LCD. Unlike previous Sony handhelds, this new console will not be a standalone device, as it will also allow users to stream their PS5 games onto the handheld. This feature aligns with Sony’s remote play, which enables users to stream their PS5 games on laptops, tablets, and even smartphones.

The Q Lite is expected to have a volume button, audio jack, and built-in speakers, and it will be the company’s first handheld gaming console in over a decade. The report doesn’t disclose anything about the console’s specifications or capabilities, making it difficult to predict its functionality.

While Sony has been tight-lipped about the Q Lite’s release date, rumors suggest it will be launched by the end of 2024, possibly alongside the highly anticipated PS5 Pro. It’s an exciting time for gamers as Sony, one of the pioneers of handheld gaming, makes a comeback into the market it once dominated.

The Q Lite’s ability to stream PS5 games on the handheld console is a significant feature that sets it apart from previous Sony handhelds. The company’s decision to offer remote play functionality aligns with the increasing popularity of cloud gaming and the growing demand for portable gaming devices.

The Q Lite’s design, which resembles the PS5 controller, is also noteworthy. The handheld console’s larger 8-inch touchscreen LCD is a substantial upgrade from the PS Vita’s 5-inch screen, offering an improved gaming experience for users.

The news of Sony’s return to handheld gaming with the Q Lite console is exciting for gamers. With the console’s ability to stream PS5 games, a sleek design, and a larger screen, the Q Lite has the potential to be a significant player in the handheld gaming market.