Indian-Owned Company Launches ChatGPT-Like Chatbot Launches ChatGPT ITSM Chatbot to Revolutionize Employee Support, a renowned AI-powered employee service desk, has introduced its latest ChatGPT IT Service Management (ITSM) chatbot, designed to transform enterprise knowledge base management. The intelligent chatbot can quickly scan through manuals, IT help desk websites, and various documents to offer relevant and accurate solutions, providing employees with a personalized experience. The tool is integrated with Microsoft Teams, offering employees an intelligent chatbot, desktop automation, generative AI, no-code automation studio, and in-built live chat.

Manish Sharma, one of the founders of, explains that the AI-powered feature is trained on millions of IT knowledge articles, enabling it to understand a wide range of enterprise knowledge documents, including technical manuals, employee handbooks, customer support FAQs, past ticket history, and troubleshooting guides. The advanced AI-powered ITSM chatbot can even create tickets, automate tasks, and orchestrate complex processes. With the chatbot, employees can quickly solve up to 65% of their issues using process, task, knowledge, and desktop automation, resulting in enhanced productivity.

The chatbot is simple to use; employees can create new incidents or service requests, check the status of existing tickets, or complete repetitive tasks and procedures by interacting with through Microsoft Teams. By eliminating the need to create knowledge manually, the intelligent chatbot saves time and effort, enabling employees to focus on core responsibilities. Overall, the ChatGPT ITSM chatbot revolutionizes employee support, offering instant and accurate solutions to enhance productivity and satisfaction.