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YouTube has introduced a separate page for podcasts

YouTube podcasts

YouTube has introduced a new feature that could give Spotify and Apple tough competition. In this regard, a separate page has been presented for US users.

This news was first reported by an informant website 9 to 5 Google. After that, when US users go to, they will see a new podcast button. Here you can find trending podcasts and channels that already have millions of subscribers. Among them, the H3 Podcast and the Logan Paul Podcast stand out.

Although it is not as fancy and fancy as the page of other institutions, it has an important role to play as it is on YouTube. Then YouTube has also released video podcasts which are becoming increasingly popular around the world.

Earlier, Apple introduced a podcast facility in 2005. Then in 2019, Spotify jumped into the fray and big movie stars also played their part in promoting it. However, the podcast industry is still in its infancy as it was only worth $1 billion last year. Now it remains to be seen what changes YouTube will be able to make in this.