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How to buy cryptocurrency in Pakistan through trustworthy means

How to buy cryptocurrency in Pakistan through trustworthy means

Cryptocurrency has been getting admiration from most people around the globe during the last few months, and with this exposure, more people have started to recognize and exchange their money for cryptocurrency. It has made long-standing ventures appropriate and lessened the risks included in the process. It has also eliminated the utility of paper money and cash exchanges all in all.

Considering all this hype Pakistanis have also been diving into the cryptocurrency system for the past 1-2 years. And now Pakistan has sustained its strong position in the field. Still, there are so many people getting scammed in the process of buying and selling cryptocurrency. So, here is the list of 3 verified apps that provide authentic services for buying and selling cryptocurrency.


It has a typical day-to-day volume of 2 billion and costs a much low fee for exchange. Though there is not the largest collection of coins present, it includes some major coins like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Binance coin, and Sloana.  The Binance app will allow you for crypto-to-crypto trading. In that case, clients can make a conversation about one cryptocurrency or the other. Here is a fact all cryptocurrencies cannot be swapped but Bitcoin can be exchanged with 9 other sustainable coins. This platform also serves staking, which makes clients earn some kind of interest excluding the risks some can might have.

Binance charges an oddly high fee for transactions with the help of a debit card, which is approximately a sum of 4.5%. Binance has freshly included an NFT section to buy and sell and exchange digital art shards in the most convenient ways.


KuCoin is a unique and safe medium for crypto traders and investors. it has been working successfully for the past four years and over 8 million users are proof of its authenticity. Users can get trading fee markdown offers built on their KuCoin Token (KCS) balance. You can enjoy the services of Margin Trading, and Crypto Staking which will make you earn up to 10% interest, you can invest on auto mode using dollar/cost averaging. You can find 600+ cryptocurrencies on kuCoin and all other features that are mandatory for trading can be found here.


This exchange is pitched for skilled traders and investors having almost 4 million plus active users around the globe. It serves competitively fewer fees starting from 0.1% to 0.5%, and it also bids on many payment choices. So, you can utilize your credit or debit cards and SEPA transfers for trading purposes. A trader or investor can get multiple perks from using Bitstamp that include tremendously low-slung trading fees (0.1%-0.5%), purchase of crypto with fiat currency, credit cards, or bank transfers, having 24/7 patron support accessible through phone, live chat or email, it will also provide immediate account verification, Supporting 53 of the major cryptocurrencies and many more services.

How to buy cryptocurrency in Pakistan through trustworthy means