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WhatsApp Unveils New AI-Powered Chats

WhatsApp Unveils New AI-Powered Chats

WhatsApp, the widely-used messaging app under Meta’s umbrella, is set to introduce a new feature that enhances user accessibility to AI-powered chats directly from the Chats tab.

According to insider reports, this development is not limited to Android users, as initially expected; rather, it will also extend to iPhones, broadening its user base. The feature will be manifested as a new button on the right side of the navigation bar, providing a convenient shortcut for users to seamlessly access AI-powered chats.

While the release is currently restricted to specific users, it remains uncertain when it will be universally available. Users who opt for the latest version of WhatsApp on iOS are likely to encounter this feature, introducing a novel dimension to their messaging experience.

Placing the shortcut prominently in the Chats tab is a strategic move, ensuring that users are well-informed about this innovative addition and fostering the integration of AI-assisted interactions into their regular use of the messaging app.

The rollout is anticipated to follow a phased approach, with beta testers being the first beneficiaries before the feature becomes accessible to the wider user base. This marks another step in WhatsApp’s continuous efforts to enhance user experience through technological innovations.

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