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SnackVideo is back with Creator Academy 2.0

[Karachi, March 10, 2022 ]: SnackVideo, the popular short-form video platform in Pakistan, launches the second edition of its signature creator academy program: “Creator Academy 2.0”. The program is designed to support local talents and educate them on how to create quality content on the app through video tutorial training.

From 10th to 31st of March, SnackVideo local users, content creators, and influencers will have access to more than 50 educational courses for free. The videos will provide a step-by-step guide on how to use the app, content creation tools, tips and tricks to grow the community, enhance views, avoid posting prohibited content and much more.

This year, SnackVideo has partnered with popular influencers and content creators in Pakistan to join the event and share their knowledge with their followers. Many videos from Amjad Twins, Habib, Ali Raza, Interachawals, and Chutkee will be available on the platform. In addition, users will have the chance to enter various competitions under the hashtag #SnackRisingStar for a chance to win valuable rewards: cash prizes, smartphones, trophies, and certificates.

Creator Academy 2.0” fulfills SnackVideo’s mission to support local talents and help them reach their full potential as well as be awarded for creating quality content.

About SnackVideo

SnackVideo is a social platform focused on sharing short videos which provide an opportunity for users to express their style and creativity through creating and sharing short videos. SnackVideo offers the most interesting, funniest, and magical videos, and live streams. Users can create, upload, and share their original videos using the comprehensive in-app editor which includes effects, filters, music, and more that helps users to be as creativ as they prefer. The SnackVideo app is easy to use and allows its users to enjoy a wide variety of interesting content, from comedy and fashion to pets and games – and everything in between.

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