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Cryptocurrency Platforms Hit by $115 Million Cyber Heist

In a significant cyber heist, approximately $115 million has been pilfered as hackers exploited vulnerabilities in two cryptocurrency platforms, HTX exchange, and Heco Chain. HTX, formerly recognized as Huobi, fell victim to a cyberattack resulting in the theft of around $30 million in cryptocurrencies, as revealed in an official statement on Wednesday.

The scope of the breach widened further with Heco Chain, where a staggering $85.4 million worth of cryptocurrencies was reported stolen, according to market analytics firm CryptoQuant.

The breach is particularly noteworthy due to the connection of these platforms to Justin Sun, a prominent digital entrepreneur. The incident underscores the persistent challenges faced by cryptocurrency exchanges in ensuring robust cybersecurity measures.

Investigations are underway to identify the perpetrators and assess the full extent of the breach, emphasizing the critical need for heightened security protocols within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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