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Demolition of Nasla Tower Through Controlled Implosion to Cost Rs 220 million

The city administration is waiting for Supreme Court’s final judgement on how to demolish Nasla Tower. In terms of cost, a firm has quoted Rs 220 million for controlled blasts while others are offering their services free of cost for the mechanical procedures.

Commissioner Muhammad Iqbal has put forward a report to the apex court mentioning the advantages and disadvantages of both the mentioned procedures.

Mr. Iqbal also mentioned that no company has demolished a high-rise building via controlled implosion in an urban area before.

A team of technical experts was called to assess and evaluate the expressions of interest submitted by these companies, he added.

This committee recommended Hi-Tech Electronics and Machinery/DG Demolition, which will implement all safety measures and will complete the demolition and post-demolition work in 2 months. They have quoted Rs 220 million for the work and will have the rights on valuable material and debris. Nasla Tower’s design has already been shared with the company so that they can prepare an action plan.

Another company that the committee has suggested is ANI Enterprises. They will be using the conventional ways to demolish the tower and will take 3 months to complete the demolition process, free of cost. The company will also claim rights on the debris including valuable material. Besides, they have also offered to submit Rs15m in the government exchequer.

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