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Google Unveils ‘Gemini’: A Unified AI Experience

Google has announced the consolidation of its artificial intelligence (AI) efforts under the new umbrella name “Gemini,” integrating its chatbot and Duet AI features. Formerly known as Bard, the chatbot has been rebranded as Gemini, highlighting Google’s commitment to a unified AI experience.

The launch of Gemini Ultra 1.0, Google’s most advanced language model, is now accessible to the public. Additionally, Gemini mobile apps are set to replace Google Assistant as the default assistant on Android devices. Sissie Hsiao, head of Gemini, views this move as a pivotal step toward creating a comprehensive AI assistant that combines elements of an assistant, chatbot, and search engine.

While iOS users can access Gemini features through the Google app, they cannot set it as the default assistant. Google has emphasized the importance of Gemini by integrating a toggle switch in its app, signaling its significance alongside Search.

Furthermore, Gemini features within Google Workspace apps have been rebranded from Duet AI. Gemini Pro is the standard version available to most users, while Gemini Ultra requires a subscription, priced at $20 a month as part of the Google One AI Premium plan.

Gemini Ultra boasts enhanced capabilities, including better context retention and longer conversations, and is optimized for complex tasks like coding and logical reasoning. This move by Google to consolidate its AI offerings reflects its dedication to advancing AI technology and providing users with a seamless and personalized AI experience across its platforms. With Gemini, Google aims to streamline the user experience, enhance functionality, and prioritize conversational interfaces and advanced capabilities.

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