Google Calendar Enhances ‘Working Locations’ Feature for Accurate Availability

Google Calendar Enhances 'Working Locations' Feature for Accurate Availability

Google Calendar has recently expanded its ‘working locations’ feature, allowing users to specify their work location for specific times throughout the day. This update builds upon the previous option introduced in 2021, which enabled users to set their working location for certain days of the week. With the latest update, users can now indicate their location throughout the day, providing more precise availability information.

Google Calendar’s new feature is good for remote workers

The enhanced feature is particularly valuable for individuals working in hybrid or remote environments. By accurately specifying their whereabouts, coworkers can easily determine whether in-person collaboration or a video conference is suitable for a given time.

The rollout of this feature has already commenced, reaching Google Calendar users gradually.

To utilize this functionality, users can select the “Working Location” option when creating an event in their calendar and then choose the appropriate location. Furthermore, they have the flexibility to modify the date, time, or recurrence settings by clicking on the respective time element.

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