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WhatsApp is going to introduce the 4 amazing features in future

Credits: WhatsApp

WhatsApp is developing a number of exciting new features to improve the user experience. The App is working on expanding the time limit for the Delete Message for Everyone feature and will soon include the custom sticker maker for mobile users.

WhatsApp Web now allows users to create stickers, and the feature will be rolled out to the mobile app soon.

The majority of the features are still in the works. So, let’s have a look at all of the future WhatsApp features.

Delete Message for everyone:

WhatsApp is apparently working on extending the time limit of the Delete Message for everyone feature. Users can now delete messages one hour after sending them, but WhatsApp is also experimenting with the possibility of deleting messages after one week.

Speed up forwarded voice notes:

WhatsApp is also working on the idea of speeding up forward voice notes. Users can currently increase the speed of their voice messages by 1.5 times. But for the forward voice notes cannot be done in the same way. You’ll have to listen to how it was delivered. According to the most recent updates, WhatsApp will soon allow users to speed up forward voice notes as well.

Hide privacy setting, last seen from selected contacts:

Users will soon be able to hide their last seen, profile images, and location from specified contacts on WhatsApp. They can now hide their Last Seen, Profile Picture, and About sections from all of their contacts. WhatsApp does not currently allow users to hide from certain contacts. The only option you can do is to hide it from all your contacts and people whose numbers you have not saved. It’s also worth noting that if you hide your last seen in the current settings, you won’t be able to see the last seen of your contacts as well. Similarly, if you turn off the blue ticks, you won’t know whether or not the other person has read your message.

Custom sticker maker for mobile:

WhatsApp will soon allow users to create their own stickers. The feature was made available in the app’s web version. According to 91Mobiles, WhatsApp is working on a feature that will allow users to create their own stickers within the app. According to the report, WhatsApp may allow users to upload photos first and then turn them into stickers.