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Here is Why Wasim Akram Does Not Want to Coach Team Pakistan

The legendary Pakistani cricketer has finally hinted that he is not going to coach the Pakistan team anytime soon.


The revelation was made in his recent interview with Cricket Pakistan where he specified the reason for not taking up any coaching responsibilities and, surprisingly, it is the abuses these coaches often receive online.

Wasim Akram continued the conversation and said that he totally understands the passion this nation has for cricket. He even agreed that their anger makes sense too, however, he is unable to understand the use of foul language when the team fails to perform.

He further explained that a coach can train the players and jot down a plan for them, however, the failure or victory is a dependent on-ground performance of the players.

Akram is one of the renowned cricket players Pakistan has ever produced. His representation in 356 ODIs and 104 tests have earned Pakistan 502 and 414 wickets respectively. After retirement, Akram became a commentator and enjoys being behind a mic.