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Netflix Lands Knockout Punch with $5 Billion Exclusive Streaming Deal for WWE’s ‘RAW

Netflix Lands Knockout Punch with $5 Billion Exclusive Streaming Deal for WWE's 'RAW
Image via WWE

In a seismic shift within the streaming landscape, Netflix has clinched an unprecedented long-term deal with WWE, securing exclusive rights to the premier wrestling competition’s flagship program, ‘RAW.’ Commencing in 2025, this groundbreaking collaboration is set to redefine how global audiences consume top-tier wrestling content, with the deal valued at an astonishing $5 billion.

This historic broadcasting agreement positions Netflix as the ultimate destination for wrestling enthusiasts worldwide, as ‘RAW’ becomes a marquee addition to the streaming giant’s diverse content library. The five-year deal, with an option for a 10-year extension, underscores the strategic partnership’s commitment to delivering unparalleled wrestling entertainment on a global scale.

Mark Shapiro, President of TKO Group Holdings, emphasized the transformative nature of the deal, highlighting the fusion of WWE’s must-watch content with Netflix’s expansive global reach. This union promises substantial and predictable economic benefits for years to come.

The deal not only signifies a monumental move for Netflix but also cements the legacies of wrestling icons like John Cena, Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), and Steve Austin, who rose to stardom through WWE’s ‘RAW.’ WWE itself, under the visionary leadership of Vince McMahon, has evolved from its 1982 inception as the World Wrestling Federation to a 2023 milestone of achieving a billion-dollar annual sales figure.

As ‘RAW’ steps into the streaming ring with Netflix, this partnership promises an exciting era for wrestling fans and underscores the ever-evolving landscape of digital entertainment.

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