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Day 4 was aimed to recognise the Human Skills that are becoming increasingly important in today’s technology driven world.

Day four of the Young Leaders Conference (YLC) was aimed at providing the best guidance to its participants to choose a career path in their upcoming life in the backdrop of massive changes in the job market the world over due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The theme of the day was “Enterprise and Employment-AITEBAAR” with Champ Waleed Anwar as the star participant of the proceedings.

Speakers belonging to diverse professional backgrounds also taught the YLC participants about the skills and qualifications required to practice entrepreneurship or to enter the realm of start-ups in their practical life.

They also counselled about the fundamental changes in the businesses and industries due to heavy reliance on technology, computers, and the Internet to do professional work as the job market becomes extremely challenging due to the ever-shrinking requirement of human resources.

Umair Jaliawala, Trainer and founder at Torquie joined the conference for his session. Umair Jallawala said the people around the world had to face unexpected challenges and realities while fulfilling their professional commitments during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Companies had to rethink and reshape their structures, many failed or took a hit but some rose to the challenge and used this crisis as an opportunity for taking massive action,” he said.

He provided guidance to the participants in order to help them nurture the ability to identify a crisis associated with their professional lives and what skills set was required to tackle the challenging situation in the occupational surroundings.

Shahbaz Islam in his session said that many existing jobs would likely become obsolete soon due to the rapid rise of technology and automation.

He said research showed that around 40 per cent of the workforce would require re-skilling by 2025, causing great anxieties amongst the youth entering the job market in such turbulent times.

“However, we must realise that although technology has replaced many human jobs, this recent shift has made certain human skills more valuable than ever. Skills such as adaptability, creative problem solving and effective decision making-commonly called soft skills-are now so essential that employers have started to call them core skills,” he said.

Junaid Alam taught the participants about the fast-emerging world of start-ups and its relevance for the Pakistani youth.

Arsal Fahim spoke on the need to gain financial literacy to sharpen their professional skills through a very engaging and fun activity “Money matters”

Arif Pyarall shared his ideas about establishing long-lasting and successful ties with the industry.

Waqar Ali spoke on the marketing skills required for running a successful business while Faizan Arafat helped the YLC participants sharpen their business communication skills to be used in their upcoming life.

A very insightful session, YOU ARE HIRED, sponsored by IBEX. took place. In this session the participants came along with their resumes to sit down for an interview with a leading HR professional and they were getting feedback right away on their interview performances.

Kamran Z Rizvi conducted a panel discussion on the need to secure a specialization in the particular field of study of youth for becoming successful professionals.

The day ended with Extra Corp  by Waqar Ali,  a simulation in which team SoL aware participants about inclusion, diversity and acceptance of others. This whole simulation revolves around only one fundamental, that is, no matter what color, cast, gender you are. Everyone is equal and nobody is superior to others.