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Smartphone videography hacks for you

Smartphone videography hacks

When it comes to videography, is there anything more convenient thing than a smartphone? No matter how professional cameras are there, your phone is what you always have with you. Smartphones are small, light, and easy to handle. Other than that, the quality of smartphone cameras has improved significantly over the past years. And here’s a list of life hacks to make your phone videos stand out.

Smartphone videography hacks

1. Selfie Stick as a stabilizer

Probably the cheapest, lightest, and most compact stabilizer you can get. You must attach your phone to the pole, turn on the rear camera (unless you opt for a selfie) and place the handle on your shoulder. You will have your smartphone floating in front of you. This lifehack works equally well for static and dynamic footage.

2. Office chair slider

Need to capture more extensive motion? Mount your phone on the back of an office chair on wheels. Don’t move it with your hands – tie a rope and pull on it instead. This way, the movement of your smartphone is more stable. This DIY stabilization system can track your subject down corridors or capture an entire panorama.

3. Tape filter

Here’s another way to make the most of clear duct tape. Stick a small piece over the camera lens and color it with a marker of your choice. This trick creates an unusual filter effect that you usually use in post-production.

4. Color flash

The same hack works with your smartphone’s camera flash. Smartphone camera flashes, with their cold light, often give the skin an unhealthy bluish appearance. Cover the flashlight with a small clear tape and color it a warmer shade. Now your flash photos will look more natural.

5. Sealed bag for underwater filming

Turn on the camera and put the device in the waterproof pouch. We would not recommend diving with it, as a particular case for underwater filming will protect your phone better. But this DIY tool is enough for a few shots below the surface.

People usually struggle a lot with capturing videos and photos on their smartphones. And most of them don’t even consider their smartphone eligible for good shots. But following simple hacks can make you fall in love with your photography and videography skills.