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The Gutsy Social Media Sensation Faiqa Ali Joins Hands With SnackVideo

The Gutsy Social Media Sensation Faiqa Ali Joins Hands With SnackVideo

Karachi 30th August: Faiqa Ali, the gutsy content creator hailing from Lahore, is inarguably one of the most enterprising and fastest trending content creators to cross a million followers in the world of SnackVideo. Famous for her confident and impromptu persona, Faiqa Ali and SnackVideo announced a campaign today where the platform and its uprising creator join hands and partner to entertain and inspire the growing SnackVideo community with Ali’s witty and innovative videos.

Faiqa’s content is garnering immense love and appreciation from fans and famous content creators alike. Her fans very well received her presence on the Just Snacked Show hosted by Junaid Akram. Her tongue in cheek conversation style makes her stand apart. Celebrity Snacker Ali Gul Pir couldn’t resist recreating a Faiqa Ali snippet in his hysterical style. The video is doing rounds on the platform. Both influencers have created a lot of anticipation and have hinted to collaborate together for more fun videos.

The young and confident Faiqa is one of the pioneers of collaborative videos on the platform.  Sharing her thoughts about her raging success, the starlet said, “I am thankful to all my fans for their love and I would encourage more people to join us on SnackVideo as I am planning to bring some really innovative stuff”

Shedding light on her upcoming collaborations, Star Snacker Faiqa assured that she is soon going to surprise her fans with exceptionally funny and innovative joint ventures. She didn’t disclose any names in this regard, however, hinted that they are some of the biggest names from the Pakistani entertainment industry and social media. Besides this, Faiqa is also planning to start a first of its kind live interaction session on the platform and she is also ready to launch weekly trends that will be bold, fun and an engaging treat to the snacker’s community.

Pakistan’s fastest growing short video platform SnackVideo has become a sensation particularly in the youth of Pakistan. With its democratic nature, innovative features and easy to use interface the platform is attracting celebrities and aspiring youth from every corner of the country.