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Aymen Saleem Talks About Taking a Long Break After Chupke Chupke

Aymen Saleem debuted in the drama Chupke Chupke and won the hearts of her fans. To everybody’s shock, she soon announced that she has quit the industry and will not be seen on-screen anymore. However, after some time, she made an announcement and told her fans that she has returned and will continue to work.

In Chupke Chupke, she was paired with the very talented YouTuber, Arsalan Naseer.

Recently, she was seen in a talk show where she discussed in detail the reason behind leaving the entertainment industry and coming back.

About the reason for leaving acting after her first drama, Saleem said, “I’m from a corporate background. Coming into the industry, I really was not fully prepared.”

She added, “Our [entertainment] industry is quite different from other [job] industries. I’ve done investment banking in New York, I’ve done consulting. I’m talking about those industries. Coming into showbiz is a completely different ball game altogether.”

“I was not really sure whether I wanted to [pursue acting] or not,” she continued. “In the entertainment industry, you always need to be in character, even when you’re in the public eye. I have always been just the way I am. Glam life was not for me and so I wanted to make sure I was ready for it.”

She also spilled the beans about her long break from the industry. “For me personally, it is very important to do a project which delivers a message to the audience”.

She said, “I promised my fans that I’ll do such projects with a strong character. I was getting a lot of offers after Chupke Chupke but I was not getting a script which fascinated me. I was actually waiting for a strong and meaningful script. As an actor, I want to explore different characters and roles. It is important to feel a little bit challenged.”

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