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Xpeng’s Flying Car Set to Soar by 2026 – Pre-Orders Open This Year

Xpeng's Flying Car Set to Soar by 2026 – Pre-Orders Open This Year

Xpeng AeroHT, an affiliate of the innovative electric vehicle manufacturer Xpeng, has announced its ambitious plan to deliver a flying car to customers by 2026. The announcement was made by Brian Gu, co-president of Xpeng, marking a significant milestone in the company’s pursuit of advanced transportation solutions.

Xpeng AeroHT Aims to Deliver Flying Car by 2026

Last year, Xpeng AeroHT introduced the Land Aircraft Carrier, a groundbreaking concept that features a large truck equipped with a flying two-seater passenger electric drone. This unique vehicle can detach from the truck to enable independent flight, showcasing Xpeng’s commitment to pioneering new frontiers in electric mobility.

To bring this vision to fruition, Xpeng plans to start pre-orders for the flying car later this year. While the company had initially aimed for a fourth-quarter 2025 delivery, it has now set a revised target for 2026. Xpeng’s confidence in this timeline is bolstered by the intended use of the flying car in non-urban areas, such as scenic locations and outskirts, rather than congested urban centers.

In preparation for the flying car’s release, Xpeng is collaborating with municipalities to establish flying parks and zones. These designated areas will allow for flight operations without the need for complicated regulatory approvals, facilitating a smoother integration of this innovative technology into everyday life. Currently, the flying car is undergoing certification with the Chinese aviation regulator, a crucial step towards ensuring its safety and compliance.

For leisure and sports contexts, passengers will not require a special license to operate the flying car, simplifying its initial adoption. However, a special license will be necessary for use in urban centers, reflecting the more complex regulatory landscape of these areas.

Xpeng’s foray into flying cars is part of a broader strategy to expand into various electric mobility sectors, including robotics. CEO He Xiaopeng has consistently emphasized the importance of flying cars in the company’s long-term goals, positioning them as a key component of Xpeng’s innovative approach to transportation.

By aligning with Xpeng’s broader vision of advanced mobility solutions, the AeroHT project represents a bold step towards a future where flying cars could become a common mode of travel, transforming the way we move and experience our world.

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