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The Record Earning of Pakistan from IT services Exports in 2021-22

$2.62 Billion

Pakistan IT Exports

Just like the neighboring countries that are very famous for earning from IT, Pakistan has earned USD 2,615.815 million by providing various information technology services to various countries during the twelve months of the FY (Fiscal Year) 2021-22. And the export of IT services increased significantly this year.

The latest report of the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) showed that a huge $2,615 million represents a 24.10% increase over the $2,107,800 million generated by services in the same period of the fiscal year 2020-21.

During the period of July-June (2021-22), IT services exports increased by 26.40%, from $1,666.310 million in the last FY to $2,106.145 million this year. In the field of IT services, the export of software consulting services increased by 43.43 percent from USD 554.612 million to USD 795.480 million.

Equipment consultancy exports also increased by 429.58% from US$0.551 million to US$2.918 million. Exports and imports of computer software-related services increased by 34.87% from USD 417.485 million to USD 563.071 million. Repair and maintenance exports rose to $1.446 million from $0.662 million. Exports of other IT services increased by 7.25% from USD 693 million to USD 743.230 million. Exports of information technology services increased by 31.08% from USD 3.990 million to USD 5.230 million.

Within information services, the export of information agency services increased by 49.65% from USD 2.304 million to USD 3.448 million. Exports of other IT services increased by 5.69% from USD 1.686 million to USD 1.782 million. Exports of telecommunication services also increased by 15.30%, rising from US$ 437.5 billion to US$ 504.44 billion during the year.

In the field of telecommunication services, the export of call center services increased by 39.43% during this period, as their export increased from USD 154.554 million to USD 215.501 million. Exports of other telecommunication services also increased by 2.12% from USD 282.946 million to USD 288.939 million in 2020-21.

So overall, Pakistan makes a record earning in IT services exports, which increased significantly in FY 2020-21.