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Microsoft launched Windows 11 worldwide on October 5, 2021

Microsoft launched Windows 11 worldwide on October 5, 2021
Credit: Microsoft Windows

Windows 11, announced on June 24, 2021, is available to bestow you with a thrilling experience from today.

Microsoft is bringing you closer to what you love. Windows 11 is available as a free upgrade for eligible Windows 10 pcs. All the upgraded features seem so tempting and getting colossal appreciation from users.

As PC is an essential need of everyone today, Microsoft is playing a significant role in fulfilling this with the best possible techniques. Every windows update comes up with extraordinary and beneficial changes, but these changes are enormous and perfect. The best thing about windows 11 is that you can update it on windows 10 PCs; there is no need to buy new setups to expose Windows 11.  

The new design, sounds, and visuals bring you a sensation of glitch-free experience. Windows 11 is available in 110 languages, and C++, C#, C, Assembly language are its programming languages. Its speed, performance, and productivity are the fastest as compared to other windows.

Last but not least, you should update your PC to Windows 11 and explore a different and mesmerizing world of unimaginable yet highly beneficial features on your own.