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Squid Game series got rejected by studios for ten years

Squid Game – Banner

Hwang Dong-Hyuk wrote the story of the famous Netflix series Squid Game in 2009, but all the studios kept rebuffing it for ten years.

Squid Game has become the most renowned series in the past few days. The writer completed its story in 2009, but unfamiliarity with content like this, everyone found it unrealistic. Hence this story couldn’t get potential investors and actors.

Moreover, Hwang Dong-Hyuk faced many dilemmas and obstacles but never gave up. He once had to stop writing and sell a $675 worth laptop due to money scraps. He kept struggling to create a room for a miscellaneous topic like this.

Groundbreaking and ingenious ideas get rejected because they’re not in trend and less remunerative. But Netflix is opening doors to these ideas and setting new trends that are getting appreciation from people. Without Netflix, people could never see the light and fantastic concept of the series.

The squid game is all set to become the most-watched show in Netflix history. It’s a global mega-hit right now, trending on No.1 in 90 countries.

The world is changing, and hence the priorities are that people are more interested in encountering realistic and relatable stuff than fantasies. The Korean entertainment industry always been known for its creative ideas and exceptional work. Following this ritual, Squid Game also brought a revolution in the history of the entertainment industry worldwide.