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Amazon launches Fire TV Cube, Alexa Remote Pro in India

India is becoming a giant tech hub for a decade, and the number of startups and people showing keen interest in tech is going up day by day. That’s the reason why the big names in the tech industry like amazon and apple are making India their other house. In addition to all those technology initiatives that international companies have taken, there’s the launch of Fire TV cable, and Alexa remote pro by Amazon.

At last night’s event of Amazon, they revealed a number of new products, along with the Kindle Scribe, Echo Auto, Alexa Voice Remote Pro, and the Halo Rise bedside smart lamp.

The e-commerce giant also divulged the fifth-generation Echo Dot, Echo Studio, and Fire TV Cube smart speakers. Only the Fire TV Cube (3rd generation) and the Alexa Voice Remote Pro have been presented by Amazon for the Indian market.

Amazon Fire TV Cube (3rd Gen) Specs

The successor to the model from the previous year, the Amazon Fire TV Cube (3rd generation), arises with a sum of improvements. It is a streaming box with a square plan that comprises competencies from both the Fire Stick TV and the Echo line of Alexa-enabled smart speakers. By means of four physical buttons on the top and a distinguishing Blue color flash, once it is turned on, the third generation invention has the same advent as its precursor. The third generation of the Amazon Fire TV Cube supports Dolby Vision, HDR, and 4K Ultra HD content. It has a technology called Super Resolution Upscaling, which upscales HD video to 4K by means of technical gimmicks, ornamental the display’s clearness, dissimilarity, and detail. The Amazon Fire TV Cube (3rd generation) is powered by a new 2.0GHz processor that is 20% more commanding than the one it substitutes. It will deliver quicker app launch times, consequential in a fluid, all-in-one streaming media player practice.

Alexa Voice Remote Pro Specs

For its Fire TV devices, Amazon offers a separate remote called the Alexa Voice Remote Pro. The device is similar to other Fire TV Stick remote controls but has numerous functionalities. By telling Alexa to find my remote, a Remote Finder occurs that styles it simple for users to find lost remote controls. To make a one-touch cutoff to preferred applications, channels, and whatever Alexa can do, the device landscapes two additional configurable buttons. Moreover, the Alexa Voice Remote Pro has motion-activated backlit buttons that shot on when a user chooses it up in a room that is dark.

Amazon Fire TV Cube (3rd Gen), Alexa Voice Remote Pro Pricing

The cost of the third-generation Amazon Fire TV Cube is INR 13,999. The price of the Alexa Voice Remote Pro is INR 2,499. Although the latter is previously open for pre-order on Amazon, the prior will quickly be accessible for purchase.