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3 Pakistani Actors Who Are Amazing Chefs as Well!

There is no doubt that our celebrities are multi-talented and do not shy away from flaunting their skills. However, there is something common in a few male actors, and this is their cooking skills. After they are done creating their magic on-screen, these actors are sometimes found in their kitchens preparing delicious meals. Let us get to know the names of these amazing celebrity chefs.

Ali Zafar

Source: Twitter

Ali Zafar proudly calls himself a passionate foodie and a chef. Just like his great music, Mr. Zafar’s recipes are special too. He occasionally posts his signature recipes on social media with a step-by-step guide which receive a lot of appreciation. One of his unique recipes is of Chicken Karahi which caught a lot of attention. He is also fond of enjoying aloo ka paratha with garam chai.

Farhan Saeed


Farhan is not only blessed with an amazing voice but with a lot of taste in his hands too. In one of the videos shared online, the actor can be seen preparing a yummy breakfast. Who is up for it?

Faysal Qureshi


We all have seen him cook on-screen on the sets of Salam Zindagi. Mr. Qureshi’s favourite food is “Chicken Karahi” that he loves cooking too.

If these celebrities were not actors already, they would have been great chefs. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.