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Babar Azam Answers the Most Googled Questions About Himself

Image Source: PCB/Twitter

After the recent performance of Team Pakistan, everyone wants to know more about their favourite players.  People have been Googling different things about Babar Azam too and guess what? Azam decided to answer some of these questions in a video shared by PCB.

The first question, obviously, was about his hometown, to which Azam responded that he lives in Lahore. Talking about his most-liked traditional food, he said that he loves Paaye. He further added that Lahore has given us many legendary sportsmen, including test cricketers.

Talking about his bat, Azam said that he uses the Gray-Nicolls bat and changes his bats according to the venues.

“I carry 6-7 bats with me. The more bats I carry the more confused I get, but I use my best bats,” he explained.

Many fans also wanted to know about his income to which Azam remain diplomatic and opted to not answer the question but he did mention “…it’s less than you think.”

About the questions related to his marriage, the player replied in Punjabi, “Even I don’t know that. My family knows, but for now the focus is on cricket.”

Though Babar Azam himself is a favourite cricketer of many but he admires AB de Villiers, former South Africa international cricketer the most. “He was one of the best players of his time [and] proved himself in every field,” he added.

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