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Pakistan prepares to launch its next satellite after iCube Qamar

Pakistan prepares to launch its next satellite after iCube Qamar

Pakistan’s space exploration journey reaches new heights as the country prepares to launch its next satellite, MM1, on May 30. Developed in collaboration with SUPARCO and the National Space Agency, MM1 aims to revolutionize Pakistan’s communication system and elevate 5G internet services to meet the escalating demands of the telecom sector.

Pakistan to launch its next satellite named MM1

This milestone follows the successful launch of Pakistan’s maiden lunar satellite, ICUBE Qamar, underscoring the nation’s commitment to advancing in space technology. MM1, equipped with a 7kg one-megapixel camera, will withstand extreme lunar conditions, transmitting images at a rate of 1-kbps for surface-level analysis.

The satellite’s mission extends beyond national boundaries, with MM1’s findings holding immense promise for global scientific research. From identifying crater locations to detecting water and traces of ice on the moon’s surface, MM1’s data will contribute significantly to humanity’s understanding of celestial bodies and pave the way for future space exploration endeavors. Pakistan’s strides in space technology exemplify its dedication to scientific progress and innovation on the global stage.

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