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Who is Google Search’s competitor? OpenAI to announce soon

Who is Google Search's competitor? OpenAI to announce soon
Image via OpenAI

OpenAI, the Microsoft-backed AI research organization, is gearing up to shake the tech world with the imminent announcement of its AI-powered search product. Sources familiar with the matter reveal that the announcement, slated for Monday, marks a significant move in OpenAI’s quest to rival industry behemoth Google in the realm of search technology.

The revelation, though shrouded in secrecy, underscores OpenAI’s strategic thrust into the competitive landscape dominated by Google and emerging players like Perplexity, a well-funded AI search startup. Notably, the specific announcement date has remained undisclosed until now, adding an element of surprise to the impending launch.

While OpenAI declined to provide official comments on the matter, insiders suggest that the timing of the announcement might strategically precede Google’s annual I/O conference, where the search giant traditionally unveils its latest AI-related products.

Central to OpenAI’s foray into the search domain is the extension of its renowned ChatGPT product, known for its human-like conversational abilities powered by advanced AI models. The upcoming search product is poised to harness ChatGPT’s capabilities to extract direct information from the web, complemented by citation integration.

ChatGPT, which has been positioned as an alternative for online information gathering, has encountered challenges in terms of accuracy and real-time data retrieval. However, OpenAI’s collaboration with Microsoft’s Bing for paid subscribers signals its commitment to enhancing the product’s utility and reliability.

Meanwhile, rival startup Perplexity, spearheaded by a former OpenAI researcher, has carved a niche with its AI-native search interface boasting citations and images in responses, attracting a sizable user base of 10 million monthly active users.

As OpenAI strives to broaden its user base and fortify its position in the AI landscape, recent developments such as the retirement of ChatGPT plugins in April reflect its evolving strategy. With ChatGPT website traffic showing signs of resurgence, according to Similarweb analytics, the stage is set for OpenAI to disrupt the search ecosystem with its innovative offering.

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