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How to Save Money in Pakistan

Saving money is not a habit anymore, it is a lifestyle to ensure a safe future. Considering the current rate of inflation and increasing prices in Pakistan, wise are those who have already started saving. In case, you have not yet, it is never too late. Here are some foolproof ways you can keep a check and balance on your money.

Make a Budget


In Pakistan, most people are surviving on monthly salaries. Therefore, it is suggested that you keep a track of your monthly spending by calculating all expenses incurred. Sort out the important things like rent, utilities and grocery first. Eliminate anything off the list that is not important or is counted as a luxury.

Invest Your Money

Source: Money Under 30

If you are living on rent, get your own accommodation to save the money spent on rent. In case, you already have your own home, invest in some other property and rent it out to generate some extra income and start saving.

Hunt for Deals and Discounts


Always look for coupons and deals to save some bucks. If something is not urgent, you can also wait for the annual or seasonal sales to grab the best offers.

Never Rely on A Single Source of Earning

Source: Entrepreneurship In a Box

Think about a side job or business you can pursue with your current source of income. You can also opt for a freelancing career by offering your expertise remotely and generating another reliable source of income.

Are you already saving money while living in Pakistan? How? Let us know in the comments.