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How social media is influencing teenagers and making them depressed

In general, Social media has both positive and negative impacts on teenagers but we cannot ignore the fact that the cons of social media are higher than the pros. The effects of social media are detrimental to the mental health of teenagers.  Particularly, social media and depression in teenagers are closely related.

 Further, the more use of apps exposes teens to cyberbullying, body image issues, and tech addiction. More use of social media causes teenagers to spend less time doing real-world activities. This causes depression in teens.

Teenagers who are at a critical stage of life where they need proper consultation and guidance. But they are not provided with that. And social media is something that can take advantage of this situation of kids. They start fantasizing about camera life, ignoring what happens behind the camera.

In this regard, Instagram out of all social media platform, make teenagers more depressed and anxious. Not just depression, it also causes brainwashing and lower self-confidence in them.

The conclusion is that there should be proper consultation of any person who is entering in teenage. They should be guided properly about the pros and cons of social media influence at their home, in schools. If you see any teenager getting an in n complex situation, either on social media or real life. Try helping them with your words and kindness. Your little care can save someone’s mental peace and trauma that can haunt them forever.