Rare Apple Rainbow Logo Sneakers Up for Auction at $50,000

Apple rainbow logo sneakers

In the realm of obscure and sought-after collectibles, a rare pair of sneakers custom-made for Apple employees during the 1990s is making waves. Forget Nike and Adidas; Apple is stepping into the shoe industry spotlight with its exclusive Apple rainbow logo sneakers, currently up for auction at an astonishing $50,000.

These unique shoes were never meant for public sale but were instead gifted to employees at a conference, adding to their allure and rarity. While the design resembles standard white leather jogging shoes, the standout feature is undoubtedly the two rainbow-colored Apple logos adorning the tongue and side.

Heralded as “one of the most obscure in existence,” these box-packed sneakers do bear some slight yellowing around their corners, adding to their vintage charm. They come in a US size 10.5 and European size 41 and include an additional pair of red laces, adding a touch of variety.

With the $50,000 price tag, these Apple sneakers have joined the ranks of numerous other Apple memorabilia items that have soared in value due to collector demand. The market for Apple-related artifacts has seen astonishing prices, such as a first edition, unopened 4GB iPhone that recently sold for an incredible $190,000.

Apple enthusiasts and collectors go to great lengths to own pieces of history associated with the tech giant. Items linked to Apple’s legendary founder, Steve Jobs, have become particularly prized, from poems he wrote in high school yearbooks to his college photos and even some of his old business cards.

Now, the question remains: Would you be willing to splurge $50,000 on these iconic Apple sneakers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!