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SnackVideo and Spacebar enter Advertising Partnership Agreement in Pakistan

Karachi, March 2022:  SnackVideo, the short-form video platform has appointed Spacebar as their Authorized Sales Partner for the country. This decision was made after multiple rounds of pitches that were held in early 2022.

This announcement strengthens SnackVideo’s commitment to grow its commercial offering in Pakistan. Advertisers can now tap into SnackVideo’s massive user-base to promote their products and services.

Gavin Zheng, the head of Kuai International Commercial, said:“We are thrilled that our association with Spacebar has become an official partnership in Pakistan. And, as a preliminary step, we aspire to rapidly grow our worldwide ad market share in the future.”

Pakistan Country Manager, Syed Naeemuddin added: ‚ÄúSnackVideo has been gaining popularity in Pakistan and we are very proud of our growing community. Onboarding a trusted advertising and sales partner in the market will enable local advertisers to utilize the new and competitive platform. Spacebar is a team of dedicated professionals and we are glad to collaborate with them to grow both the businesses in Pakistan.‚ÄĚ

SnackVideo has been making inroads into the nation’s hearts through a plethora of content that matches people’s interests ranging from real and relevant storytelling to entertaining parodies, crafty DIYs, music, hobbies, information, drama and much more. While on the one hand it empowers creators to express, it also enables businesses to make an instant connection with a diverse audience. Judging from this strong start, the partnership is all set to go miles.

Zameer Qureshi, CEO Spacebar said, ‚ÄúSnackVideo is an amazing platform and offers tremendous value for advertisers in Pakistan because of its popularity amongst the masses. Storytelling and music are woven into the local culture that drive brand-safe and brand-suitable content across the app. Through this partnership we aim to enable local advertisers to scale their businesses through new genre discovery.‚ÄĚ

About Snack Video:

SnackVideo is a social platform focused on sharing short videos which provide an opportunity for users to express their style and creativity through creating and sharing short videos. SnackVideo offers the most interesting, funniest, and magical videos and live streams. Users can create, upload and share their original videos using the comprehensive in-app editor which includes effects, filters, music and ore that helps users to be as creative as they prefer. The SnackVideo app is easy to use and allows its users to enjoy a wide variety of interesting content, from comedy and fashion to pets and games ‚Äď and everything in between.

About Spacebar:

Led by Zameer S. Qureshi, Spacebar is committed to assist its clients by reaching out to a younger and wider audience in Pakistan through a variety of advertising formats offered by SnackVideo. As SnackVideo’s Authorized Sales Partners, the Company is geared to guide clients through platform-first best practices, knowledge and trainings.

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