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Go Home Trolls, Mira Sethi Does Not Dress for You


Mira Sethi has been known for her bold statements about women having autonomy on their bodies. In her recent post on Instagram, she made it even more clear that she does not dress up for anyone but herself.

Sethi wrote, “It’s always fascinating to see trolls go nuts under photos of public-facing women in dresses or costumes or anything the trolls deem “vulgar.”

She added, “Go home. I don’t dress for you, I don’t dress for anyone or anything other than my own sense of joy and play and expansion. The men of this country are obsessed with policing women, constantly defining their ‘honour’ in relation to women’s bodies and clothing and appearance. It is a small-minded, decayed, hateful thing to do. You want to disempower us because a deep part of you is hurting and angry. I get it. It’s societal and it is ugly.

To the women who continue to secularize public spaces with their words and clothes and defiance: you inspire me. On the face of it, it looks merely glitzy and silly, but only those subjected to the heat of abuse know that simply by being – by asserting with our voices and bodies – we are clawing backspace from rotten hierarchies of power and control.” Mira Sethi concluded.

Sethi posted this caption right after the celebrities were scrutinized by netizens for their attire choices in the 20th Lux Style Awards. She herself wore a black gown to the Red Carpet which was designed by Hussain Rehar.

While appreciating her designer, Mira Sethi said,

“Huge thanks to @hussainrehar who designed this whimsical creation for lanky ol me. Love you, Hussain. And love collaborating with you, not least because of your gentle soul and your kindness.

Herewith my badass pal”

While it is okay for people to share their opinions about public figures, many of them go overboard with their remarks and end up hurting the emotions of these celebrities. It is high time we let people live and enjoy their lives.