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House of Secrets Ignites the Need to Have Mental Health Awareness

The docuseries House of Secrets is the top trending topic on the Pakistani internet right now, including Netflix Pakistan and Twitter. This shows the immense interest Pakistanis are taking in crime series.


House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths is a documentary about the death of 11 family members in the Indian capital Delhi, in 2018. The bone chilling plot has raised many questions including whether it was an accident, a mass murder or mass suicide.

Many are also talking about the significance of mental health. The story of this ill-fated family tells us how the youngest son of the family Lalit Bhatia talked the whole family into following his orders. The 11-member family had people from different age groups ranging from 15-year-old to 77-year-old. Lalit told them that their late father’s spirit has asked him to show the “right path” to all family members. As a result, they all were found hanging from the roof of their house, blindfolded and their hands tied behind their back.

Experts suggest all of this could have been avoided had Lalit consulted a therapist.