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iPhone battery problems and how you can solve them

iPhone battery problems

most iPhone users out there grumble about the battery problem on their devices. If you are also going through iPhone 6s battery hitches, you have come to the right platform. You’ll know about various iPhone battery glitches and how to get a solution without much distress. Resolve your iPhone 6 battery problems by putting on these easy solutions.

iPhone Battery Draining Fast

The most common iPhone 13 or iPhone 5 battery snag is associated with its reckless drainage. To solve these iPhone battery glitches, you need to know how your phone consumes its battery. First, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Usage and check how numerous apps are overriding the overall battery of your device. Then, you can update (or even uninstall) the apps that devour a large percentage of your phone’s battery. Besides, to resolve the iPhone 13/ iPhone 6s battery problems linked to fast drainage, you are advised to turn off the background app feature. If it is turned on, then the essential apps on your phone will be refreshed automatically. To turn it off, go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and close this feature. It is also detected in most cases that the location-based facility on iPhone consumes a lot of battery. If you keep stirring, this step can drain your device’s battery without even consuming it. Turn it off by keeping your phone’s privacy setting and switching off the “Location Services” choice.

iPhone Gets Hot While Charging

The overheating iPhone is an additional common issue that troubles many iOS users. If your iPhone becomes hot while charging, then it can cause some solemn damage to its battery. Almost every device becomes a little hot during charging, but if your phone is giving a warning like this, then you should not deny it.

Remove your phone from charging and let it cool down. Furthermore, could you turn it off or restart your device? If your device cannot turn off, you can always force restart it. If you are using iPhone 6 or older generation phones, then press the Home and Power button simultaneously for at least 10 seconds. This will turn off your device. If you are using an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, press the Power and Volume Down button at a similar time. Press both buttons for at least 10 seconds to force restart it.

iPhone Shuts Down with Battery Left

This might be rare, but it is related to several iPhone battery glitches. Sometimes, the iPhone turns off out of the blue, even when it has sufficient battery left. If your iPhone closes down unpredictably even when there is a battery leftward on your device, then check its Date and Time feature. Go to your phone’s Settings > General > Date and Time and turn on the “Set Automatically” option. This will ensure that your iPhone won’t turn off unexpectedly. If you want to calibrate your phone, lease its battery drain first. Once its battery is weak, your phone will be turned off. Afterward, draining its battery entirely, attach it to a charger and, in one go, charge it to 100%. But when it is charged to 100%, turn your phone on and keep charging it for extra 60-90 minutes. This will adjust your phone’s battery and resolve the glitches of the iPhone 13/ iPhone 6.