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100 M videos were taken down from Tiktok over policy violations

Tiktok over policy violations

The short video platform TikTok stated that between April and June of 2022, it removed over 113 million video recordings, the statement was shared by the platform itself.

In spite of the size of the figure, 113 million is only 1% of all videos formed over the course of those three months. Negligible safety defilements originated to be the most common policy breach that led to the elimination of videos, accountancy for almost 44% of the content. Nudity and illegal activity are other explanations. More and more videos are being erased by the platform’s programmed system.

In those three months, almost more than 95% of the videos that were removed were not stated by a user. Users who were contravention the rules originated from the company’s AI and human scrutiny.

“We expanded our capacity to iterate rapidly on our systems given the fast-changing nature of misinformation, especially during a crisis or event (e.g. the war in Ukraine or an election),” the report stated.