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You may soon need to pay for Spotify lyrics

You may soon need to pay for Spotify lyrics
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In a move reminiscent of Netflix’s content restrictions, Spotify is locking away another feature – lyrics are now exclusive to Premium users. This change, initially tested in September 2023, has expanded to affect more users globally.

Frustrated Spotify Free users are taking to social media platforms like Reddit to express their discontent with this paywall. While Spotify often collaborates with MusixMatch for lyrics, the cost associated with this partnership might be driving this decision.

By placing lyrics behind a paywall, Spotify significantly diminishes the appeal of its free tier. Freemium now functions more like a basic radio app with limited skips and no access to lyrics. This puts it at a disadvantage compared to YouTube Music’s free tier, which offers unlimited skips, lyrics, and avoids forced shuffling.

While not everyone has encountered the paywall yet, it’s likely to become a widespread reality for free Spotify users. This move underscores the growing trend of streaming platforms restricting features for non-paying users, raising concerns about the future accessibility of basic functionalities on free streaming services.

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