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3 Rishta Groups You Must Join If You Are Looking for a Soulmate

3 Rishta Groups You Must Join If You Are Looking for a Soulmate

It seems as if Pakistanis have now finally gotten rid of Rishta aunties and their toxic matrimonial processes and rituals. Or maybe this generation is just tired of wasting each other’s time in-home visits and have now gone digital to find effective “solutions”.

Thanks to some of the most active and “worthy” Facebook groups where people are actually finding compatible matches. These people only move ahead once there is compatibility between the candidates, which saves a lot of time for both families. The best thing is that both the candidates can directly interact and get to know each other.

If you too are looking for a “perfect” match online, here are 3 Facebook groups that you must join today.


1. Two Rings Official

This group has more than 97 thousand members. Most of the people here are either looking for a match for themselves or for someone they know personally. The group is strictly moderated and any toxic or derogatory comments or posts are immediately taken down. So far, around 75 couples have benefitted from the group and found their special someone.

Source: Dorsetware

2. Soul Wonders

Yet another group with potential rishta candidates. Just as the name suggests, Soul Wonders is all about finding the like-minded people you would love to spend the rest of your life with.

Source: Hunger for Excellence

3. Skip the Rishta Auntie

Another group with strict guidelines. If you want to stay in this group, you will either have to post your profile in a few days or have to link people. In case you cannot do any of these, you will be kicked out of the group immediately. But then again, you will only find serious candidates in the group who are looking forward to getting married soon instead of people who are there just for fun.

Source: The Conversation

Know some other rishta-related groups on social media? Share them with us in the comments.