Microsoft’s LinkedIn to Introduce Free Verification Badge for User Profiles

Microsoft's LinkedIn to Introduce Free Verification Badge for User Profiles
Image: Linkedin

LinkedIn, the professional social media platform, is set to launch a new feature that will allow users to verify their identity and place of work, and earn a verification badge displayed on their profile. This feature will be free of charge, unlike other social media platforms such as Twitter that charge users for a verified checkmark or badge.

To ensure that the verification system works efficiently, LinkedIn has partnered with CLEAR, a technology company that specializes in biometrics and verification systems. Users who verify their identity and workplace through Microsoft’s Entra-verified ID platform will receive a blue or green verification badge, though LinkedIn has not revealed what each color signifies or who will get which color.

The verification badge will not appear beside the user’s name at all times, unlike Twitter’s paid verification badge. However, it will allow users to establish trust with those they interact with on the platform. Alex Weinert, the Vice President of Security at Microsoft, emphasized the importance of authenticity online, stating, “You want to know really that if you interact with somebody who says they’re employed by a certain company or represent a certain company that you can trust who they say they are. The need for that is pretty clear.”