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Final Good-Bye to Comedy King Umar Shareef

Renowned and legendary comedian Umar Shareef laid at his last in Karachi today a huge number of the crowd was observed at his funeral which was held in Karachi Clifton at Umar Shareef park. Umer Shareef breathed his last on 3 Oct 2021 in Germany while going to America for his medications .he was buried in shah Latif Moulusem in accordance with his will.

Moreover, all media stars, his co-stars, his seniors and juniors mourned his death as his departure left them in despair which cant be filled again .many stars stated that he was like a brother to them, always encouraging and spiteful as his work was his passion. He has not earned a name in Pakistan but all over the world across the borders he had gained a reputation with an immense number of followers and fans that are his assets .his work will speak for centuries

According to Johnie lever, he was king of comedy and father of comedy who died after a prolonged illness. Daler Mehdi, Kapil Sharma and other Indian actors had also shown condolences for him and his family

He left two wives and two sons behind him with no such assets and property .he started his career at the age of 14 by the time of his teenage he was renowned. He was not only a comedian but a scriptwriter, director, filmmaker and producer who opted for the various fields during his life reign. his several stage dramas, scripts and characters became famous and new talent emerged because of him.

Furthermore, he had also established a hospital named maa at Korangi Karachi with free of cost services especially for women .the reason he told for making one is his affiliation with his mother he loved. He had done several charitable works and was also a prompt fundraiser of Shaukat Khanum Hospital.

Hence, his life is full of lessons for those who want to have sought and guidance .he left everyone in tears after making them laugh for ages indeed, a great loss for Pakistan to fill. May he rests in peace

Writer :sharmeen asif hussain siddiqui