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Masood Alam, creating Cultural Hybridity in Pakistani Music Industry

Masood Alam, a young music producer, composer and lyricist, is creating unique music experiences through his compositions. As Masood Alam explains through his compositions, recognizing songs that we know can happen very quickly, and it happens through a ‚Äúsimultaneous understanding of stacked, synced and layered combinations of sounds (timbres, instruments, melodies, harmonies, rhythms) and sung or rhythmic recitation of lyrics (language and poetic forms, in songs with lyrics or words)‚ÄĚ.

Different music genres have different sounds that we associate with them, and contemporary music often mixes these different sounds together in new ways. Certain music genres are also associated with certain cultures, and thus can symbolically represent these cultures. The mixing of these music genres (with one sound that represents a culture, and another sound that evokes another culture) is a popular form of fusion and remix in contemporary culture.

Masood Alam’s core objective is to bring recognition to those upcoming artists who share the same passion and unfathomed love for the Art of Music and believes in the paradigm shift in the music industry of Pakistan. Masood Alam dedicated his entire work of line to creating unique music from pop, rock, Sufism and instrumental. Masood Alam believes in creating a parallel universe that embodies the feel of the character.

The opening season of 123 Check is receiving a tremendous response, the unique show is all set to continue its journey to explore Pakistan’s rich musical landscape. The first season of the PTV show went on air on 27 June 2021 with the focus on showcasing diversity and innovation through thirteen episodes, with 1 producer and over 50 musicians. Staying true to the core idea of a fusion music project, 123 Check will see independent, classical, folk and popular artists combine their creative energies in a rare live performance.

While Masood Alam is the mentor for the musical productions and his compositions have been roped in for this season. 123 Check truly exemplified the melodious symphony of diverse genres of music ranging from famous Pakistani pop rhythms, traditional tunes, modern western, folk and it promises to further amplify this magical experience for music lovers.