Threads will now let you share posts directly to Instagram DM

Mark Zuckerberg has unveiled new enhancements for his platform Threads, including the ability to share posts directly to Instagram DMs, personalized alt text for media, and an additional mention button.

Users can now seamlessly publish their Threads content to Instagram DMs via the Send option. This feature aligns with Meta’s strategy to strengthen connections between Instagram and Threads, aiming for enhanced user engagement, as stated by Chris Cox, Reuters’ Chief Product Officer.

In response to dwindling engagement on Threads, Meta has been proactively rolling out updates and incorporating fresh features to retain users. A staggering 100 million users dropped off the platform within a week, a situation Meta’s CEO labeled as ‘normal’ and anticipated.

The introduction of custom alt text is an accessibility-focused addition, empowering Threads users to manually add or modify auto-generated alt text for photos and videos before uploading. Additionally, the new mention button simplifies the process of tagging individuals in Threads’ posts. The company has also streamlined the verification process for user identities on fediverse platforms such as Mastodon.

Meta’s recent announcement highlights their ongoing efforts, revealing plans for a web-based version of Threads equipped with a robust search function.

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