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Minal Khan caught up in controversies after her marriage

Credit: MinalKhan/Instagram

The leading actress of the Pakistani entertainment industry who recently got married and now enjoying her honeymoon caught up in controversy because of her dressing.

Dazzling twin sisters Aiman and Minal, who are doing wonders in the drama industry through their talent and charm, are always in the mainstream due to different reasons. Minal Khan recently got married to Ahsen Mohsen. The charming couple is enjoying their happy married life and exploring the world.

Minal Khan and Ahsen Mohsen enjoy their honeymoon to the fullest and upload beautiful pictures of them together on Instagram. All the fans adore the chemistry and affection between them. But these fans became judgmental after seeing a shot of the couple they uploaded on Instagram just because of Minal’s dress which isn’t that bad to give critical comments on it.

The actress faced a lot of backlashes after that, and her husband got her back replying to salty comments. But this judgmental society hasn’t stopped yet. People are using this picture as meme material and making a lot of memes out of it on social media.

Actors/actresses have their life behind the screen, too; people should stop exploiting the personal space of someone, either he/she is an ordinary person or any celebrity. This society needs to get out of this judgmental behavior.