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Top 3 Dialogues We Do Not Want to Listen to in Pakistani Dramas Anymore!

There was a time when Pakistani dramas were watched globally due to their impressive content and dialogues. Then came the “Do Takay Ki Aurat” type dialogues and since then we are tired of listening to the same repetitive and demeaning things on the screen. It is high time we broke the chain and come up with something new and creative already.

Here are a few statements we would not like to hear in our dramas anymore.

“Please Mera Yaqeen Karain”

A crying woman on her knees begging her husband, fiancé or lover to trust her, all because he himself decided that the woman is characterless and is not worth living with? I mean seriously? We can do better than this for sure. Stop degrading women like this.

“Isko Talaq Do”

Talaq has become the most talked-about thing in our dramas lately. She is not obeying husband/in-laws, isko talaq do. She is talking to a stranger, isko talaq do. She is working or is more educated than the husband, the jealous women in the house would again request the husband, isko talaq do. Let us not make marriage and divorce a game and something to enjoy for the sake of TRP.

“Isne Hamara Ghar Tor Diya”

Why is it always that a woman is blamed for breaking a home? A man likes a woman while his mother does not approve of her, you will hear, Wo Hamara Ghar Tor Rahi Hai. A girl asks for a separate home post-marriage, Wo Hamara Ghar Tor Rahi Hai. A married man is after some other girl, Wo Hamara Ghar Tor Rahi Hai. When will we stop stereotyping women as home-wrecker?

Which of these dialogues do you hate the most and why? Let us know in the comments.