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Google will start deleting inactive accounts from 1st December

Google will start deleting inactive accounts from 1st December
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Starting from December 1st, Google is set to implement its “inactive account policy,” marking a crucial step in streamlining account security and management. Under this policy, old Google accounts that have been dormant for an extended period will be deleted, a move aimed at bolstering cybersecurity and reducing potential vulnerabilities.

Google’s proactive approach encourages users to keep their accounts active by simply logging in or sending an email. The first wave of affected accounts will be those that were created but never utilized, followed by others that have remained inactive for an extended duration. The tech giant emphasizes the importance of this measure, highlighting the potential security risks associated with forgotten and unused accounts.

In a blog post from May, Google underscored the vulnerability of old accounts, citing their tendency to rely on outdated or reused passwords. Additionally, many of these accounts lack the added layer of security provided by two-factor authentication. Recognizing the evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats, Google’s decision to prioritize account activity aligns with its commitment to user safety.

The move not only serves as a housekeeping measure but also aims to safeguard users from potential compromises arising from neglected accounts. Users are encouraged to take prompt action to prevent the deletion of their accounts by logging in or sending an email. This initiative reflects Google’s dedication to proactive security measures, reinforcing the importance of keeping digital identities secure in an increasingly interconnected online landscape.

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