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Ali in Squid Game is meant to be Pakistani, Ahmed Ali Butt

Netflix super hit series ‘Squid Game’ is winning worldwide acclaim and Pakistani character, Ali Abdul, played by Anupam Tripathi has won hearts all around. Ahmed Ali Butt seems to have this character and more in mind as he raises the point of Indian actors playing Pakistani characters in big TV series. He took to his Instagram story and wrote;

“It’s so frustrating to see Pakistani Characters in big TV series, being played by Indian actors. Why can’t these productions cast original Pakistani Actors for such roles? The same goes for films, if you are making a film and it’s about a Pakistani city, why is it always cheated somewhere else? We really need to make new progressive film policies so international filmmakers can use actual location and talent from our country rather than cheap substitutes”

Ahmad Ali Butt also raised the point of films based on Pakistani cities being shot in different locations and proposed new progressive film policies to give local talent a chance.