Cybercriminals Target Pakistani Users with Fake Emails During Eid Holidays

During the recent Eid holidays in Pakistan, cybercriminals remained active and attempted to steal the data of Pakistani users through fake emails, according to the National Information Technology Board (NITB).

Hackers used new tactics, such as sending attractive offers that prompted users to open links and enter their usernames and passwords. This enabled the hackers to gain access to the user’s system and data.

In addition to sending fake emails with attractive offers, fake emails related to Eid holidays were also reported. Users were asked to open links to get information about the holidays.

One email titled “Eid Holiday Cabinet Division Press.docx” contained a malicious document impersonating the “Cabinet Division.” NITB and Cabinet Division promptly informed their employees about the fake email and requested them to avoid such emails.

NITB officials warned that hackers attempted to steal data using various techniques during the Eid holidays, such as sending phishing emails or messages with links. Users were advised to be cautious and avoid clicking on unidentified links.

To prevent such attacks, government officials were urged to seek assistance or information regarding official orders directly from official sources.