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WhatsApp takes another step to protect privacy with voice notes

protect privacy with voice notes
Credit: WhatsApp

Meta, which owns WhatsApp, is known for its focus on secure communication. A new feature has been added: voice notes, which can only be heard once. The addition comes after the successful implementation of the “view once option” for photos. This gives users more control over the content they share.

How to use the feature:

  • Users can select “View once” when sending a voice message.
  • The voice note is deleted from the chat after it has been played.
  • This feature provides an additional layer of security for private or sensitive messages.

Benefits from one-time voice note:

  • Improved privacy for users: Users can share information without fear that it will be stored or transmitted without their consent.
  • Greater control over content. Users have the option to choose what and how much they wish to share.
  • Feel secure: Users are assured that their private messages will not be stored or misused.

The introduction of voice notes is a sign that WhatsApp is committed to ensuring its users’ safety and security. It allows individuals to communicate in confidence and protects sensitive information.