WhatsApp introduces an exclusive feature for IOS users

WhatsApp Introduces Voice Message Transcription for iOS Users

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, has released a new and exclusive feature for iOS users called Voice Message Transcription (VMT). This unique feature enables users to read the text of a voice message instead of listening to it. It transcribes the audio message to text so that users can read it if they are not able to listen to it at the moment, making communication more accessible and convenient.

Although WhatsApp usually launches features that suit both Android and iOS users, this time the company has focused on iOS users. The feature will be available for Android users later.

The company has informed users about the new feature through the TestFlight Beta Program. The update, available for beta testers, comes with version number

To activate the feature, the user needs to start the audio message, and a bubble below the message will appear, enabling the user to read the message. This feature will be enabled by default after updating, but users can deactivate it if they prefer.

It is important to note that the new feature always preserves end-to-end encryption. This happens because transcription takes place on the user’s phone. Additionally, the feature uses the existing language packs in the user’s device, making it possible for the voice transcriptions to process locally on the device.

The latest transcription feature also allows users to search for specific content within voice messages. The device automatically indexes the transcribed voice, making it easy to search for particular content. Users can type a specific keyword they are looking for within the voice note in the search bar, and the transcription feature will highlight the particular text from the specific voice message.

Currently, the feature is only available for beta testers who can download it through the TestFlight App on iOS. WhatsApp plans to send the new feature to more beta testers in the coming days.