NASA to launch its streaming services

NASA to launch its streaming services

NASA has exciting plans in store for space enthusiasts as they announce the launch of their ad-free and cost-free streaming services, NASA+. This platform will offer live coverage of future launches, documentaries, and original series, bringing space exploration right to your fingertips.

In a statement, Marc Etkind, NASA’s associate administrator of communications, expressed their vision of putting space on demand and making it easily accessible through this new streaming platform. The goal is to enhance NASA’s digital presence and effectively convey the captivating stories of their explorations in air and space, inspiring discovery, and fostering innovation for the betterment of humanity.

To ensure widespread accessibility, NASA+ will be available through the NASA app on iOS and Android devices, catering to mobiles, tablets, and streaming services like Fire TV and AppleTV. Additionally, the platform can be accessed via web browsers through the agency’s official website.

Previously, NASA utilized NASA TV for video content and launch streams, featuring a continuous lineup of engaging content on both their official website and YouTube. However, the introduction of NASA+ marks a significant step towards modernizing the agency’s website and streamlining public engagement with its captivating content online. The objective is to make NASA’s valuable resources more discoverable, accessible, and secure for enthusiasts and learners alike.