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3 Pakistani Actresses Who Are Amazing Chefs as Well!

There is no doubt that our celebrities are super amazing on-screen and know how to impress their fans. But do you know some of them are really excellent chefs and love feeding meals to their friends and families?

Mahira Khan

Source: YouTube

We all know that Mahira Khan is a foodie by heart. According to her, she eats like “there is no tomorrow” and she enjoys eating pretty much “everything”. Now that is like a true foodie. However, not many people knew that Ms Khan can cook like a pro too until she started hosting cooking shows on YouTube during the pandemic.

Anoushey Ashraf

Source: Instagram

The very talented artist herself claims that she is a foodie and loves cooking. She calls herself “asal foodie” and that depicts in her pictures.

Ayesha Omar

Source: Instagram

The Bulbulay-famed actress is passionate about food. She loves eating and cooking at the same time. According to her, she used to have 5-6 meals/snacks in a day in the past.

Can you cook too? Let us know what you love to eat or cook in the comments below.