YouTube may let you play mini-games playable soon

YouTube may let you play mini-games playable soon

YouTube has made a foray into the gaming world with its new service called Playables, confirming earlier rumors. Playables offers a unique gaming experience directly on YouTube, accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. However, it appears that these games are more akin to simple arcade-style amusements rather than complex triple-A adventures.

The select group of YouTube users participating in this experiment can find the Playables section integrated into their YouTube home feed. Additionally, participants have the ability to manage their playable history and saved game progress through their regular YouTube history menu. Specific details about the games available to early testers remain undisclosed, but one mentioned title is “Stack Bounce,” a game where players aim to break bricks with a bouncing ball. These games are reported to be developed using HTML5 technology.

YouTube is expected to introduce a suite of new mini-games to the YouTube homepage in the near future. Currently, this feature is undergoing testing and is only accessible to a limited number of beta testers, with a separate tab labeled “Playables” on the homepage.

One of the games reportedly featured in the list of titles is “Stack Bounce,” where players control a ball to break through rings with well-timed clicks. This name might sound familiar, as it was once part of Google’s GameSnack service.

It’s worth noting that the gameplay of these mini-games is distinct from the offerings previously available on Google Stadia. However, the system does save game progress, which users can access through the “History” tab. As YouTube explores the gaming world, it will be interesting to see how this new feature is received by its user base and what other gaming experiences it may bring in the future.